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Successful through holistic media planning.

Our media landscape has changed. So do we. And with it, the way media agencies work. Above all, understanding socio-demographics determines how well a media agency is able to plan. With own offices in Vienna, Linz and Graz this proximity to the market is given.

RUP Media

The REICHLUNDPARTNER Media Agency in Vienna, Linz and Graz

More than a media agency

REICHLUNDPARTNER Media offers far more than any other conventional media agency can provide. Because we are the only media agency in Austria with the background of a media agency, digital agency, social media agency, public relations agency, live experience agency and a think tank for the development of new business models. And then there is the individual, personal support provided by experienced, highly trained media planners.

Medianet Xpert Awards 2020, 2021, 2022

The media agency with the highest customer satisfaction*

In 2020, 2021 and 2022, Austria’s marketers evaluated the Austrian agency landscape in terms of creativity, innovativeness, consulting strength and competence and awarded our agency group top marks in all areas (2020, 2021: 1st place, 2022 3rd place). REICHLUNDPARTNER Mediaagentur was also named the best media agency in Austria from the customer’s point of view. We offer strategic and tactical media planning, media buying and consulting at the highest level. Irrespective of this, we are constantly working on our corporate culture, which is rated as exemplary by renowned industry insiders. Ultimately, this earned us the Excellence Award for exemplary corporate governance in 2019.

* Medianet Xpert Awards 2020, 2021, 2022 and Excellence Award 2019 for outstanding agency management.

The media agency for analog, digital and social media

Holistic media planning

The media agency for the future plans holistically. As it is well known, the whole is always more than the number of its parts. We therefore rely on the interplay of analog, digital, and social media and on personal experiences in the context of events and incentives. For media planning, we use the most modern planning and optimization tools in our industry. Our performance is internationally audited several times.

Strategy, tactics, project management

What strategic considerations are important for your success?

We will be happy to advise you and put everything in motion to ensure that you achieve your goals in an effective and efficient way. Our highest distinction are satisfied customers. REICHLUNDPARTNER Media Agency in Vienna, Linz and Graz has already received several awards in recent years for its perfect customer service.

The right mix of channels

We rely on the skilful interplay of classic, digital and social media.

No matter which media channels you use, we think holistically and integrate all “channels” into a whole.

Just one of many questions on our minds

Branding or sales promotion?

Branding: Raising awareness and shaping opinion requires a lot of impetus. Therefore, building a brand requires many contacts with the target group. For this reason, we recommend maximizing the number of contacts with a defined budget, even if this is at the expense of reach.
Sales promotion: Attractive promotions are quick and easy to learn, so they need fewer repetitions but high reach. Therefore, with this objective, we recommend optimizing reach at the expense of contacts, given the existing budget.


Holistic media planning

Owned Media, Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media?

As a holistically structured agency with over 170 generalists and specialists from all areas of marketing communications, we can think holistically, especially in media planning, and thus deliver the best for our clients.

Owned Media

Companies create their own media.

By “owned media” we mean all publications in the company’s own media. These include brochures, the company’s own website, its own newsletters, but also communication that can be experienced in person as part of live events.

Love Me Magazine
Eurogast Journal
Eurogast Magalog

Paid Media

The share of purchased media is declining in the mix.

Paid media includes all bookable analog, digital, and social media, i.e., all advertising placements in the press, print, TV, radio, outdoor, and all online media.

Earned Media

Public relations is more credible and gaining importance in the mix.

Non-purchaseable, editorial publications also fall under the concept of public relations or publicity. These are all publications written by journalists in analog and digital media.

Intersport Clipping
Canon Clipping
RE/MAX Clipping

Shared Media

Communities and social media are exploding.

“Shared media” refers to all publications within social media communities. This includes all shared posts, user comments and likes.

Four Diamonds Social Media
Jesolo Social Media
Canon Social Media

Invitation to get to know each other.


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