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A-4020 Linz
Promenade 25b
Tel.: +43 732 666222
Fax: +43 732 666444

A-1010 Vienna
Franz-Josefs-Kai 47
Tel.: +43 1 535 4838
Fax: +43 1 535 4838-12

A-8020 Graz
Brückenkopfgasse 1/6
Tel.: +43 316 2310 0230


D-81827 Munich
Wasserburger Landstraße 264
Tel.: +49 89 12234521


CH-8008 Zurich
Forchstrasse 280
Tel.: +41 43 5510155

You contact us.

We plant trees!

We are friendly, also to the environment: this year we are again planting 1,000 trees in Nepal and Madagascar in cooperation with the GROW MY TREE organization.

This is the e-mail address that is always happy to receive new contact requests. In doing so, you are also doing something for the environment, because for each new contact request we receive, we plant three more trees.

Learn more about our climate-friendly commitment and services.

Good for the climate.

Trees are one of the most powerful tools in combatting the climate crisis. They absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, store the carbon and provide a habitat for many species. A tree can convert about 22 kg CO2 into wood and oxygen per year through photosynthesis and its growth.

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