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Successful through public relations.

Public relations, also called PR, is a powerful tool that no company can do without. Therefore, our PR agency team deals with brand and corporate PR, lifestyle PR, crisis PR as well as PR coaching and develops corporate publishing projects. For the professionalism of our working methods we were awarded by medianet as "PR agency with the best industry image".


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Public relations and more

REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations is far more than your regular PR agency, as we can draw on the expertise of one of Austria’s top-performing agency groups. This makes us a strong partner for successful publicity work.


“The PR agency for the future”

Our team for public relations

“The PR agency for the future” prefers to use high-quality media in order to ensure differentiation from the fake news of social media. Corporate publishing, proprietary channels, social media, advertorials and also tangible personal communication are part and parcel of the PR mix. Our interdisciplinary team comprising members from all areas of communication makes this possible.

Reichl and Partner PR
Reichl and Partner PR
Working at RUP

Owned media: proprietary PR channels

Companies create their own media.

Owned media refers to all publications in the enterprise’s proprietary media. This includes brochures, the company’s own website and own newsletters, but also tangible personal communication at live events.

Love Me Magazine
Eurogast Journal
Eurogast Magalog

Paid media: advertorials and context-sensitive reports

The share of bought-in media in the mix is declining.

Paid media refers to all bookable analog, digital and social media, in other words all advertising in the press, print, TV, radio, outdoor and also all online media, including advertorials and context-sensitive reports in the digital media.

Earned media: the core of public relations

Public relations is more credible and gaining significance in the mix.

Non-purchasable, editorial publications also fall under the umbrella of public relations or publicity. These are all publications written by journalists in the analog and digital media.

Press photo Wenger
Intersport Sports Report

Shared media: PR with potential

Communities and social media are exploding.

This refers to all publications shared in the communities on social media. It includes all shared articles, user comments and likes. Social media is thus increasingly becoming an integral part of any PR strategy.

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