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Successful through innovative business models.

"The agency for the future" thinks strategically and visionary. Innovative business models are becoming increasingly important. REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking is our task force of experienced strategists and creatives from the various fields of marketing and communication in Vienna, Linz and Graz. Because in the future, competition will not be between products or companies, but between business models. For example, Yellow Cabs in New York have been replaced by Uber. And the largest lodging company in the world does not own a single hotel room itself. Innovative business models have the potential to change entire industries.

Future Thinking

With us you are right on track.

More than just business model innovation

We live in a world of great change and upheaval. Essentially, these take place in the areas of technology, environment, economy and society. For some industries, these changes pose a threat; for others, they create new opportunities.

Your team for the future

“The Agency for the Future” thinks holistically, is proactive and an inspiring impulse generator.

With these disruptions, the requirements for a modern agency have also changed. For this reason, REICHLUNDPARTNER started an internal process years ago and worked on a concept for the future, together with professors and students from renowned European and American universities. And that’s how our agency model for future “challenges” came about.

Sustainable corporate governance

Want to build a strong employer brand?

Employer branding is the strategic and positioning of the entrepreneurial brand on the labor market. A process of identity creation and organizational development. An increasingly important factor for the sustainable and positive development of the company’s human capital.

Design your employer branding process with REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking, your Business Model Innovation Agency in Austria.

Equipped for future challenges.

Thinking ahead

REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking is our youngest unit. We have thus expanded our range of services and will accompany companies and entire industries through the age of digital transformation and major changes.

What we can do for you?

Our services

  • Vision development
  • Develop new business models
  • Innovate existing business models
  • Discover new business areas
  • Innovate existing business areas
  • Support for digital transformation processes
  • Design Thinking Processes

Business Model Innovation


We are happy to question your existing business model or innovate it together with you. For this we recommend a separate workshop with the experts from REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking in Vienna, Linz and Graz.

Invitation to get to know each other.


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