Talent Story

Jasmin, UI/UX Design

“Most importantly, believe in yourself.”

I’m Jasmin and I’m currently doing my internship at REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital. I am studying Communication, Knowledge, Media in my fifth semester at the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences.

What exactly are you responsible for in this job?

I work as a UI/UX designer according to the principle of Atomic Design. It’s very similar to chemical elements, you start with smaller elements and build a landing page from that for example. By consulting with my colleagues, an iterative process is created until the design is finally handed over.
This work naturally includes researching the latest trends and integrating them into the design.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

For me, every morning starts with a “good morning” to my colleagues and a big cup of coffee. After that, I set up my workspace and open unread emails. I can be particularly creative when I prepare my working environment in the best possible way. That means I start all the programs, take off my shoes and mostly listen to music that suits the work at hand for me. From classical music to soundtrack.

What opportunities does your employer offer for career starters and young talent?

A wonderful way to be able to unfold creatively without feeling like you’re being slowed down within a creative process. Something I particularly appreciate are the feedback loops in the creation of a design. Constructive criticism and ideas for improvements not only optimize the design, but are also fun for me to work with.


What tip would you like to give to other young talents?

Don’t be slowed down and rather overshoot – just as you would approach a brainstorming session. Collect ideas, create a mood board. Analog or digital. Find your approach to creativity. Selecting and discarding ideas is easier than finding something new. And most importantly, believe in yourself.

How was your first week working for this employer?

In my first week of work at REICHLUNDPARTNER, I spent most of the time getting to know my work environment. In the beginning, I also dealt with the programs I need to implement the designs. In any case, I made quite a few notes that later became self-evident handles.

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