Our team

We are 25 digital rock stars

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.

Rainer Scharinger

Founder & Managing Director

Matthias Reichl

Managing Director

Raphaela Aufreiter

Senior Account Director | Member of the Board

Bernhard Görlitz

Head of UX/UI | Member of the Board

Verena Schmeissl

Account Director | Member of the Board

Christoph Seebacher

Head of Frontend Development | Member of the Board

Magdalena Schober

Account Director | Member of the Board

Elena Gassner

Account Manager

Thomas Grasic-Muthenthaler

Senior Backend Developer

Dino Talic

Head of WordPress

Emrah Lekiq

WordPress Developer

Drasko Stojadinovic

Content Manager

Marlene Laschinger

UX/UI Designer

Lex Koen

Senior UI/UX Designer | Chief Design Officer Zagreb

Gabriel Mrgn

Senior Full-Stack Developer | Chief Technology Officer Zagreb

Nina Altmanninger

Account Manager

Haris Kurspahic

Backend Developer

Christian Unterrainer

Content creator

We seek to create first-class digital user experiences that we tailor to people by understanding clients’ actual needs – because life is too short for poor usability.

Put people’s needs first.

Our aim is to create the best digital products in the world. This requires engaging with people in detail and really understanding their pain points and needs. Behind successful products are always satisfied people.

We are curious

For us, there is nothing worse than being content with the status quo. We are restless, constantly searching for the new and undiscovered. This is how we manage to stay in step with the times.

Problems solved collaboratively.

We believe in the power of joint action and live by the motto “diversity is the mother of creativity”. You can do a lot alone, but together you can do anything.

Every opinion counts

Everyone has their job title and at least one hard skill that everyone else admires. However, each person is invited to provide input, whether in their area of focus or not.

It’s not about technology

Digital products are often developed without people in mind. For too long, technical limitations and focusing solely on efficiency have destroyed digital products. We don’t want to hear, “No, that won’t work”. We want solutions.

Talented people are key

Our company is worthless without human capital. The people who spend a large part of their lives working for us are the real assets and true heroes of our shared success.

Encourage wild ideas.

We strive to encourage wild ideas. Wild ideas can often lead to creative leaps. When we think about crazy or outlandish ideas, we tend to think about what we really want.

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