Why RuP?


We are one of Austria’s top-performing agencies. Our goal is to make our clients more competitive in the long term through intuition, creativity and innovation.


We take a holistic approach. We concern ourselves with the strategic positioning of brands, as well as with forward-looking content creation and design, and develop end-to-end communication strategies across all channels.


We cover all areas of marketing communications. We are a creative agency, media agency, PR agency, digital agency, social media agency, event agency and a think tank for the development of new business models.

Our value proposition to our clients

“We make our clients more competitive in the long term.”

We help business enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals to become more competitive and thereby achieve long-term success through targeted, creative, integrated communications, especially through strategy, content creation and project management.


We have a team of more than 170 highly trained specialists and generalists from all fields of communication.


We have our own interdisciplinary network of experienced teams of experts for retail & e-commerce, services, media consumer goods, FMCGs and B2B.


We are an Austrian company with offices in Germany and Switzerland. We have strong partners in Central and Eastern Europe and ties with more than 100 agencies worldwide.

Our value proposition to our employees

“We offer our employees the best jobs in our industry.”

Our agencies are situated in prime city center locations and are designed to perfection. However, at the center of our philosophy is the individual. We therefore encourage our highly specialized creative and knowledge workers to hone their talents to the best of their ability and to develop on both a personal and professional level so as to achieve a high level of personal responsibility, independence, self-confidence, expertise, performance, empathy, economic productivity, team spirit, identification and personal fulfilment. In the process, we seek to establish a sustainable, long-term cooperation with our creative and knowledge workers. Offices: Vienna, Linz, Graz.


We are an interesting partner for anyone who wants to make a difference, because we ourselves have a business mindset and skills.


We offer all our clients – regardless of size – high-quality consulting, targeted, strategic creativity and seamless job processing.


We are independent, which makes us a viable alternative to the often purely financially driven multinational agency networks.

Our value proposition to our partners

“We create genuine partnerships with our business partners.”

We offer our business partners (media, creative partners, suppliers, consultants, …) the possibility of a team-oriented, cooperative, fair, productive and sustainable collaboration.


We are big enough to handle complex tasks yet small enough
to provide a personalized service to our clients.