Cannabis: Naturally normal, naturally legal - anything else is unreasonable

Vienna (OTS) - The Young Greens let three weeks in the context of their drug policy tour a giant joint through the country. The goal of the tour is to address drug policy and advocate for the sensible legalization of cannabis.


"It is now a matter of convincing parents, grandparents and acquaintances that legalization is simply sensible," federal spokeswoman Diana Witzani formulates the objective of the Young Greens. From Washington and Colorado to Uruguay, it is demonstrated that the fears have not materialized, but the benefits have.

Experts, as well as newspapers like the New York Times, advocate legalization for good reasons. Cannabis has no physical addictive potential and is by far less dangerous than liquor or vodka. "Either ban alcohol or legalize cannabis, everything else is mendacious," said Cengiz Kulac federal spokesman for the Young Greens.


Criminalization blocks the future of many thousands of young people. Police and judiciary waste energy and money because of this senseless legislation. Legalization would bring enormous cost savings while at the same time boosting tax revenues.

The Young Greens advocate in principle for a change in drug policy. The war on drugs cannot be won. Mexico, with more than 60,000 dead, or Afghanistan are tragic examples of this.

The Young Greens are in favor of the controlled release of cannabis with a purity law, an absolute ban on advertising for all drugs, including alcohol, and more education. "Preaching abstinence is useless, enlightened and self-determined people are the solution," said Diana Witzani of the Young Greens.