Dear Mr. Mustermann,

What happens in our brains when we make buying decisions? Why are results from neuromarketing studies so much more accurate and realistic than any market research survey? What is neuromarketing anyway? And why wait 119.53 seconds before enjoying a perfect Guinness?

The new book "Buyology" provides answers to these and other questions. Why We Buy What We Buy" by marketing guru Martin Lindstrom, who was named one of the 100 most influential people on our planet by Time Magazine.

We have read the book for you and will introduce it to you in this and the next Ad Talk issues.

Dear Mr. Mustermann,

In the last Ad Talk, we gave you a basic introduction to the book "Buyology" by Martin Lindstrom.
In the second part of our series you will learn,

    how mirror neurons influence our behavior,
    How Guinness managed to turn a weakness into an indispensable ritual
    and why Coca Cola smashed its bottles.
Dear Mr. Mustermann,

In the third and final part of our book launch, read "Buyology. Why We Buy What We Buy" by Martin Lindstrom,

    how a urinal at a height of 2 meters became a somatic marker,
    what Kellogg's and Bahlsen have in common
    and how our senses are much more active in shopping than we realize.

Have fun!