We bathe all day

Steinbach starts this year with the party hit of the Atzen “Das geht ab!” into the summer. Instead of “We party all night,” however, it’s now “We bathe all day!”

In the TV commercial, a family demonstrates how best to spend a really nice summer day: namely, in the pool. From the conception to the entire media planning, REICHLUNDPARTNER coordinated everything to spread summer, sun and fun together with Steinbach.

The spot will be broadcast widely in April and May on TV, in Austria and for the first time in Germany, as well as online and on social media in both countries. In addition to the 20″ main spot, a 10″ allonge promotes the Red Dot Design Award-winning Straight Line solar shower from the Steinbach Pool Professional sub-brand.

Looking for water fun? Pools, pool accessories and also everything about the new sub-brand Steinbach Pool Professional can be found here:

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