Anyone can claim to be the best. UNITED OPTICS now has it in black and white: In the independent consumer study, UNITED OPTICS was the only company in Austria to receive the overall rating VERY GOOD! 

None other than the renowned Austrian Society for Consumer Studies (ÖGVS) came to this pleasing conclusion. In the "Service" category, UNITED OPTICS was the only one to achieve 100%, and in the "Advice" category, the specialist optician chain also clearly came out on top. Reason enough for REICHLUNDPARTNER to react quickly and to bring the test winner in front of the curtain or - better said - in front of the mirror with a new TV spot ...

First-class advice, a huge selection of top brands and great value for money. What sounds like a fairy tale is daily reality at UNITED OPTICS.

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best optician in all the land?" You can find the new UNITED OPTICS TV spot and more about our test-winning campaign in our Case Study.

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