Covid19 has changed us and our world quite a bit in the last 3 weeks. No stone is left unturned. In our home offices, we have thought about what such a small emergency package could look like - enclosed you will find some tips:
Survival tip #1: Start bush drums
So communication in the working world has now finally moved to the home office. The tool we trust for this is Zoom. Great audio and video quality as well as simple operation are convincing. The product can also be super personalized, not everyone has to see your kitchen block in the background. If you need assistance here, our team will be happy to help you For short calls the tool is free of charge (up to 40 min). If you want more, the Pro version is available from 13.99 euros/month(

Survival tip #2: Prepare fireplace
Are you still sitting at the kitchen table at home with your notebook? The Austrian office furniture manufacturer Hali offers a home office starter package here: Delivered contactless within 6 days, the kitchen table becomes a dining table again. The packages start at just 499 euros. By the way: Did you know that Vienna promotes home office workplaces with up to 10,000 euros?(
So now you're set up at home and ready to go - but after a week at the latest you can't see frozen pizza anymore? Why not try local suppliers and support the Austrian economy: or are, for example, local farmers' markets with food from sustainable production. And if you don't feel like cooking at all, Max Stiegl from Gut Purbach delivers braised dishes in Rex jars via DPD directly to your home.(
Survival Tip #3: Cast a Net
If you are now considering selling your offer in a small (or large) web store, REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing can offer you excellent solutions. Quickly and easily we bring your offer SEO optimized online. Rainer Scharinger looks forward to hearing from you

Survival tip #4: Use compass
Oh, you also need ideas on how to make your company fit for the future? We have specialized in precisely these questions with our Future Thinking Unit. Nothing will ever be the same again. That's why it's important to rethink business models, initiate transformation processes and forge innovative ideas right now. We are happy to help you with our experienced strategists and creatives. Just contact us:  
All the best, stay healthy!
Thomas King