Dear friends of the Texterschmiede,

An eventful 2015 lies behind us. Once again we were able to release 45 copywriters into the world of advertising and communication. 
Around 150 lecturers, the best that Hamburg's creative landscape has to offer, have helped us train the next generation to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry . Our thanks go especially to them, but also to our funding agencies and partners. Texterschmiede would be unthinkable without you. And without you, we would have over 40 fewer text talents every year. 

However, the consequences of demographic developments and the critical view of the industry by Generation Y have not left us unscathed. Nevertheless, in 2015 we were able to increase the number of applicants again compared to the previous year for the first time. 
Proof that our diverse activities are paying off: The curriculum is even more strongly focused on digital challenges. Partnerships such as with the ARD Tagesschau editorial team( or even the copywriting company AdSlam make the training even more attractive and help students think outside the box.
In order to gain a stronger voice in the external perception of the creative professions, we have joined forces with various partners to form the "Landesverband Private Kreativschulen Hamburg". 

The pictures in the appendix show how colorful last year was. How colorful it starts this year, you can experience for yourself. At the 3rd Texterschmiede AdSlam on 25 February, invitation follows. We look forward to an exciting, creative year with you.

See you soon,

Matthias Berg and Andreas Grabarz
(Board of Directors Texterschmiede)

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