The agency group REICHLUNDPARTNER , based in Vienna and Linz, is making a clear statement at its founding location in the heart of Linz: of the 170 permanent employees, 130 are already working in Linz. "The good location between Vienna and Munich opens up great opportunities for us, which we want to take advantage of," says Rainer Reichl, founder and CEO of the group.

Since a short time the agency is located in the newly built Promenaden Galerien. "The aspiration was to create the 'agency of the future'. Under one roof, the best specialists and generalists from all areas of digital and analog communication work closely networked with our agency location in Vienna, as well as over 100 agencies worldwide," explains Reichl. "We also offer the best jobs in our industry, so we get the best employees."

"The communications landscape is constantly and rapidly changing. Therefore, agencies also need to break new ground. The basic idea behind the spatial concept of the 'Agency of the Future' is to promote and live communication. For high potentials, a motivational space has thus been created in the Promenaden Galleries that is an excellent fit for Linz - already a hotspot for innovation and creativity. Linz, the Unesco City of Digital Arts, is becoming a center for contemporary marketing communications in Austria thanks to intensive support for the creative scene from the city of Linz, the university environment and also our initiative," says Reichl.

Original props from the American cult series "Mad Men".

As befits a communications agency, the new location naturally also devotes some space to the coolness factor. For example, the agency houses numerous original props from the American cult series "Mad Men", and large meeting rooms are called "New York", "Tokyo" and "Hamburg". On the other hand, the room "Kremsmünster" refers to the centuries-old knowledge tradition of Upper Austria and presents the great library as a leitmotif.

An additional requirement for the design of the "Agency of the Future" was that the competence centers for B2B, Retail & eCommerce and Consumer Goods should also be physically close. "Those who have a lot to do with each other should also have a shorter path to communication," Reichl says of the agency's philosophy.

Promotion and identification

One ambition is to offer the best jobs in the industry, "because that's how the agency in turn gets the best employees," Reichl continues: "We encourage our highly specialized creative and knowledge workers to develop their talents to the best of their abilities and to grow personally and professionally. This results in a high level of personal responsibility, independence, self-confidence, competence, high performance, economic productivity, empathy, team orientation, identification and personal fulfillment." For this reason, the company relies on long-term cooperation: Freelancers are deliberately avoided - "because otherwise it is not possible to develop a sustainable corporate culture. (red)