"Servus to Austria: we're excited like crazy about Reichl und Partner as Texterschmiede's new funding agency!"

















That is the Texterschmiede: The best German-language school for advertising copywriters and conceptions. At the Texterschmiede "trained copywriters" are made. Copywriters are the people you mean when you say "advertisers." They get to the heart of the matter, attract attention, turn a simple product into an event, and - provided they have a really great idea - capture the hearts of the audience. Creating campaigns that inspire - that's what you learn at the Texterschmiede.

The Texterschmiede has set an example with the first training course for copywriters. Supported from the start by outstanding advertising agencies and committed companies, both financially and in terms of personnel,  is the No. 1 copywriting school in the German-speaking world. Students learn the craft at leading agencies and are taught by the most creative minds - as graduates, they are sought-after professionals with excellent career opportunities.

Students must qualify by taking a challenging copy test. Of all the applicants received, 60 applicants (TOP 60) are invited to a test and a personal interview based on the copy test. A total of up to 44 students will be admitted to complete one year of training to become copywriters. During the day, all trainees work for 12 months in two (alternating after 6 months) of Hamburg's funding agencies as text interns. In the evenings, they receive instruction at the Texterschmiede in the subjects of conception, text theory, text practice, creative techniques and new media. The lecturers all come from the practice and are creative managing directors, CDs or copywriters. Besides the theory it applies to compile on concrete customer briefings, campaigns and texts. After the 12 months, the students can rightly call themselves "trained copywriters". Since June 1, 2012, the Texterschmiede has been a state-recognized training center and can call itself a vocational school

"We are very proud to be the first Austrian advertising agency to be accepted as a supporting member of the Texterschmiede   and to be able to support the training of young talent through financial and content-related collaboration," says Rainer Reichl, who himself will also be involved in the Texterschule in Hamburg as part of his lecturing activities  .