The Ö3-Weckerl is back after its great success in 1999 - with a new recipe that is fully in line with the trend of conscious nutrition with valuable dietary fiber and omega 3. Starting in June, Reichl und Partner is launching an Austria-wide campaign to ensure that the new Ö3 Weckerl is not only on everyone's lips, but also in everyone's ears and eyes.
"Through its name, the Ö3-Weckerl experiences an enormous emotional charge. It embodies everything that Ö3, what the Ö3-Weckerl stands for. Accordingly, Ö3 is of course also the main medium with which we bring all of Austria to the taste of the Ö3-Weckerl."









The new Ö3-Weckerl with Omega 3 - Networking recipe for success
As in 1999, the Ö3-Weckerl is a joint project. In addition to the proven partners Ö3 and Backaldrin, Reichl und Partner has also brought on board its customer Pan&Co Baking Solutions, which is responsible for Austria-wide distribution, among other things. The result is a coherent overall marketing concept for the Ö3 Weckerl under the Ö3 brand identity.
"For this purpose, we invented a new Ö3 alarm clock character: the Ö3 alarm clock baker. He plays the main role in the campaign not only acoustically but also visually and thus builds the communication bridge from radio to POS," Michael Piber, Senior Account Director at Reichl und Partner, explains the Big Idea of the Ö3-Weckerl campaign.
The Ö3 Weckerl baker brings momentum into the day!
The leading figure of the campaign is the specially created Ö3-Weckerl-Bäcker, who talks about the new Ö3-Weckerl in his bakery, about the Omega 3 in it, what the Ö3-Weckerl presenters say about it and what else happens to him. To emphasize the "craftsmanship" and the good quality, each radio spot is introduced by a typical "corner store bell", which gives the whole thing the appearance of a small bakery. The Ö3 alarm clock jingle was also specially created, and its swinging style brings just as much momentum to the day as the Ö3 alarm clock itself.

The following also applies at the POS: Wake up even better - taste even better!
The Ö3-Weckerl will be available in grocery stores, at sleepy bakeries and also at gas stations. Always there: the Ö3 Weckerl baker, who laughs from the advertising material in the learned Ö3 brand style and brings the necessary appetite appeal into play.