No topic has moved Austrians as much in recent weeks as the refugee situation. has sounded out the current climate of opinion among the population in the Refugee Report: "Austria between helpfulness and xenophobia". The survey was presented to a large press audience at a press conference in Vienna on October 8, 2015. The representative online survey also minimizes the interviewer effect, which can lead to socially acceptable response behavior.

The detailed results of the study can be found on the Reichl und Partner Press Center:

A clear finding of the study is that current immigration is a concern for 8 out of 10 respondents, with 83.7% at least more concerned. Only 16.3% are "less worried" or "not worried at all." According to 81.5%, the main reason for fleeing to Europe is "war in the refugees' home countries", followed by the "desire for a better life" (69.2%), "persecution for political and/or religious reasons" (52.8%), "no work and no livelihood in the home country" (39%), "belonging to a persecuted ethnic group" (27.1%), "hunger and natural disasters in the home country" (19.2%). It should be noted that only 61% of Austrians are aware of the trigger for the current refugee situation.