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Initial situation

Living Logistics

TGW is an internationally successful, expanding company in the dynamic, growth-driven intralogistics industry.

The high-tech company with headquarters in Marchtrenk builds fully automated warehouse systems worldwide for well-known customers from a like adidas to Z like Zalando.


TGW – Symbiosis of Technology and Humanity

In our creative strategy, we focus on humanity and emotions in the rational, technical world of logistics. Derived from the TGW philosophy “People in focus – learning and growing”, a distinctive symbolic language was developed.

It combines digital representations with emotional statements and gets to the heart of TGW’s self-image: technology and humanity enter into a successful symbiosis.

Campaign eGrocery

eGrocery is an important component of high-performance intralogistics in the online grocery sector. The decisive factor here is the rapid and efficient picking of customer orders. Together with REICHLUNDPARTER, an online campaign was developed.

In terms of content, the aim was to combine the strengths of bricks-and-mortar retail with the advantages of e-commerce to create a convincing omnichannel offering.

TGW showroom “Helix

Interactive world of experience provides infotainment

The new brand identity is implemented across all communication channels (new website, online communication, trade shows, exhibitions, print products). In a slightly different interpretation, the new brand identity is used in employer branding. In addition to the sales market, the latter is of major importance due to the expansionary course.

The website represents a real innovation in terms of technology. The content management system programmed by REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing allows extremely user-friendly editorial work.

The TGW showroom “Helix” was designed and implemented together with partners from lighting design and architecture. The interactive world of experience conveys TGW’s technological competence and the exciting world of intralogistics via infotainment.

REICHLUNDPARTNER supports TGW in classical communication as well as in the online and PR area in close cooperation with the dedicated TGW marketing team.