This is the guiding principle of the Estée Lauder Companies' Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

It is intended to encourage people to become active: On the one hand to visit the screening, on the other hand to post under #BCAstrength and on Because for every contribution, a full $25 will go to breast cancer research! This corresponds to half an hour of research time.

A 25-second TV spot, conceived and produced by Reichl und Partner and with the gratuitous support of all involved, skillfully sums up the campaign.

Even the international star Parov Stelar could be won for the project and arranged the film music. The globally sought-after artist is one of the pioneers of electroswing and brings the right sensibility in addition to numerous awards, albums and music videos.


The idea behind the spot:

In line with the principle that even a small action can make a big difference, the film conceived and realized by Reichl und Partner also plays with the element of brevity and reduction to the essential.

In a visually impressive way, a terrible fate becomes hope again and a "BREAST CANCER" becomes a "BEAT CANCER". The spot deliberately avoids shocking images and aims much more to encourage. Courage to become active yourself and make a difference.


Learn more about the campaign in the Case Study!