Quality of life to touch ... and lean on

LINZ AG's new campaign illustrates that quality of life is not something abstract, but rather something that every single customer in the supply area can experience on a daily basis. The pillow becomes a symbol of quality of life and comfort par excellence. According to the colors of the LINZ AG business units, different colored cushions with different icons are used. "Our customers have it good because they enjoy the comfort of a large energy and infrastructure company. We express this ideally with our new pillows," says Mag. Christian Gratzl, Head of Marketing at LINZ AG, summing up the essence of the campaign. The new campaign emphasizes LINZ AG's brand values even more than before: best service, high reliability and a clean environment. "Just as naturally as you take a pillow at home to make yourself comfortable, LINZ AG is also available with its many services," adds Bernhard Kapplmüller, Creative Director of Reichl und Partner.


Campaign on air from mid-March
LINZ AG's new quality of life campaign will be launched on a broad basis on March 14, 2014: In addition to posters, advertisements and city lights, there will also be radio, TV and cinema spots. A specially branded Cityrunner, online measures, promotions and distribution campaigns round off the communication package.



Client: LINZ AG
Agency: Reichl and Partner
Creation: Bernhard Kapplmüller (CD Text), Rudi Ornetsmüller (CD Art)
Consulting: Rainer Reichl