REICHLUNDPARTNER develops sustainability campaign for LINZ AG

LINZ AG ensures an extremely high quality of life through future-oriented thinking and innovative services - with clean drinking water, sustainable regional electricity, environmentally friendly district heating, state-of-the-art public transport, super-fast Internet, reliable waste disposal, leisure fun and more.

LINZ AG's new 360-degree campaign, realized by REICHLUNDPARTNER, included posters, advertisements, classic and digital city lights, TV and radio spots, info screens, a branded city runner, and a wealth of social media and online measures, including high-impact special advertising formats.

For the campaign, interesting facts from LINZ AG were packaged in various stories with an "aha" effect - for example, the regional electricity story, the drinking water story and the digital story. REICHLUNDPARTNER Media is responsible for the perfect media mix.
"LINZ AG is a company with vision. Every day, more than 3,000 employees ensure that we can offer the highest quality of life in all areas. Now and in the future. This is exactly what our new campaign expresses perfectly," says DI Erich Haider, MBA, General Director of LINZ AG.
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