KOCH KUNST: The somewhat different project of CULT BEEF.

CULT BEEF stands for beef at the highest level. And the KOCH KUNST project is also extremely sophisticated: every year, a different artist is chosen to design a cut poster that shows the position of the cuts in the carcass in a vivid, creative way. The new 2022 poster was created by the award-winning Upper Austrian artist Hermann Angeli and was integrated into the CULT BEEF brand identity by REICHLUNDPARTNER.

Since 2018, REICHLUNDPARTNER has been in charge of the CULT BEEF brand and has brought the website, roll-ups, advertisements and more into a coherent, modern and exclusive design for this quality program of the Austrian Beef Exchange, which is now also reflected in the cut piece posters as the framework of the artistic design. With “Sehnsucht” by Hermann Angeli, a work is moving into Austria’s kitchens that offers our restaurateurs additional inspiration.

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