Gambling, shopping, the Internet: There's a junkie in all of us, even if we don't always want to admit it. The number of online addictions is increasing dramatically, according to book author and primar Kurosch Yazdi. "Internet access and round-the-clock shopping options are more readily available than ever before via smartphones and tablets. In the outpatient clinic, the number of people seeking help for online and gambling addiction has multiplied in the last three years," alerts Yazdi, head of the addiction department at the Wagner-Jauregg Provincial Mental Hospital in Linz. In his debut work, the author warns: behavioral addictions would imperceptibly infiltrate and disintegrate society.


In his book "Junkies Like Us," Kurosch Yazdi describes how corporations exploit our potential for addiction and that of our children, and declare behavioral addictions a normal cultural practice. It's about what awakens the junkie in us and how it works. A book about dark sides in each of us and about the pattern behind every addiction: the desire for relationship.
Michael Obermeyr, Managing Director of Reichl und Partner PR, provided the initial impetus for this book and accompanied the creation of "Junkies like us".
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The author

Kurosch Yazdi, 36, is a primary physician in the addiction department of the Wagner-Jauregg State Mental Hospital in Linz. He studied medicine and completed a residency in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine before specializing in addictive disorders with a focus on behavioral addictions such as online addictions and gambling addiction. Kurosh Yazdi is married and has one child. "Junkies Like Us" is his first book.