Who doesn't know that when talking about millions or even billions, one often lacks a point of reference. For example, 1.4 billion people currently live in China. Everyone says "WOW", that's unimaginable. And that is exactly the problem. Unimaginable. We find it difficult to imagine this sheer number and relate it in such a way that this information takes on meaning and weight for us.

The makers of the mentioned video simply shrunk the earth with its more than 7 billion people to village size with 100 inhabitants and found out, for example, that 77 fellow human beings in this thought village have a roof over their heads and 23 have to sleep under the open sky. 23 who freeze at night, who can't snuggle up in a warm blanket, who live on the streets. When I walk through this village of thought and meet 23 people out of 100 who feel the same way, it makes me concerned and makes me think. To reflect on the state of our world. You can see many more facts in the video.

Here you can see the video