A topic that touches us all, we should talk about it.
In today's edition of "Die Welt" you can read that each person can extend his or her life expectancy by up to 17 years.
It depends not only on genetic conditions but also on lifestyle. For example, more than 10 cigarettes a day reduces average life expectancy by 7.3 years for women and 9.4 years for men. Smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day decreases life expectancy by 5.0 years for women and 5.3 years for men. Yes, and so the Bodymass Index also has its effects. Severe obesity (BMI >30) reduces life expectancy by 3.1 years in men and 3.2 years in women. It is interesting to note that underweight (BMI< 225) also reduces life expectancy by 2.1 years in women and by as much as 3.5 years in men. Similarly, alcohol (over 4 glasses per day) reduce life by 3.1 years, regular consumption of red meat (120 grams per day) reduces life expectancy by 2.4 years in men and 1.4 years in women.
In addition, improper diet in general and the lack of exercise.

Actually a nice task for an advertising agency.
So, as the CEO of one of the largest advertising agencies in the country, I ask myself, why don't we as an agency take this issue as an opportunity to develop an awareness-raising campaign? An advertising campaign that makes real sense. And, a campaign that goes 360 degrees across all media and, on top of that, understands integrated communications in a way that involves all the people of this country in this campaign. And since this issue is important to all of us, we should also launch this campaign as a corporate social responsibility project.

I would like to invite all media, all companies that send a newsletter to their employees, all private bloggers who are interested in supporting us in this meaningful advertising project to contact us, preferably by mail at good.vibrations@reichlundpartner.com .

We will develop a classic advertising campaign, a PR campaign, an online campaign, a proper web presence, an interactive social media campaign and also a concept for in-house events. Of course, we are also looking for cooperation partners from all relevant areas, especially sports retail, food retail, health care, media, ... who want to support us in this endeavor.

We will present the campaign itself in mid-September.
Until then, we will keep all interested parties up to date with our blog at www.reichlundpartner.com well informed.
We will also set up a separate section on our website for this campaign under "goodvibrations".

We proved how grateful the public is for a discussion of this issue in the course of our campaign for the Federal Sports Organization (Daily Gymnastics Hour) and the continuing articles in the media (life expectancy of children is 5 years behind our own).

I would be very pleased if we could form as large a community as possible and make this a much discussed topic in Austria.

For more information on extending life expectancy, visit our blog: www.reichlundpartner.com
and at https://www.welt.de/gesundheit/article131330196/Wie-Sie-bis-zu-17-Jahre-laenger-leben.html

I would be very pleased if we could form as large a community as possible and make this a much discussed topic in Austria.

Mag. Rainer Reichl
Managing Director