Sustainable, social – and likeable.

ReVital collects well-preserved, used items, refurbishes them in social employment initiatives and sells them at low prices in the ReVital stores. An atmospheric redesign now makes this “good thing” even more attractive!

New logo, new claim and appealing advertising subjects: The brand “ReVital” now stands up for environmentally conscious consumer behavior and social togetherness in soft green. The people on the subjects make it clear that ReVital makes you feel good about both the collection and the purchase. Soon, a new flyer, a small explanatory video and other advertising materials will also clearly explain ReVital’s closed-loop concept and encourage people to join in.

Keep your eyes open for the logo that stands for sustainable and social consumption!


Everything about ReVital, a project of the province of Upper Austria, the Umwelt Profis and the Sozialbetriebe can be found here:

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More about the redesign and the new advertising presence of ReVital can be found here:

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