Opening "The third dimension
on MI 21.9.2017, 20:00
Ars Electronica Center Linz



Unique images and models of human anatomy - in 3-D - meet the history of the X-ray process. As early as the 18th century, deceptively real wax models were molded in elaborate manual work, giving contemporaries a look under the skin for the first time. Today, hyper-realistic body images are created on the basis of MRI and CT image data on the computer with the help of so-called cinematic rendering technology, which opens up completely new insights into the interior. These and other exciting steps in the development of 3-D visualization techniques, from X-ray stereoscopy to 3-D printing, are shown in the exhibition "The Third Dimension".


Beforehand, join Uwe Busch, Director of the German Röntgen Museum, and Prof. Dr. Franz Fellner, Head of the Central Radiology Institute at Kepler University Hospital Linz, on a spectacular journey through the history of imaging techniques at Deep Space LIVE at 19:00.