JELD-WEN (DANA) - Sales increase despite declining market development
The international JELD-WEN Group is the market leader in Austria with the DANA brand. With 520 employees at its sites in Spital am Pyhrn, one of the most modern door factories in Europe, and Pöckstein, DANA produces almost 500,000 doors and 200,000 frames annually. In 2015, the company generated sales of € 91.9 million, thus growing by 2.3% compared to the previous year. " We are very proud of the fact that we have achieved this figure, and in a difficult market environment, is mainly due to the fact that we have been convincing our customers with the quality, functionality and design of DANA doors for over 40 years. The customer buys from us not only the top product but also a package of the latest technology, trend-setting design and, above all, reliability!"says Managing Director DI (FH) Georg Himmelstoß.

With over 487,000 doors produced last year, the company was able to hold its own very well in the market environment and grew continuously in all areas (specialist trade and contract), and this in a difficult industry environment characterized by great uncertainty and restraint in the entire construction industry: "For 2016, we are noticing a trend reversal, and the first months here make us confident that the market will recover. This makes it all the more important for us to continue building on our strengths. In 2016, we are also fully committed to investing in future designs, competence and service leadership!" DI (FH) Himmelstoß gives an outlook.
DANA has a market share of over 60 percent. " We are very proud of this market leadership in a country that has one of the highest "door cultures" in the world. The door is still often seen as furniture and has a high value among Austrians, which confirms us in our philosophy".reports DI (FH) Franz Böhm, Product Development Design.

The JELD-WEN Group
The company is part of the JELD-WEN Group, the world's largest supplier of doors and windows. JELD-WEN was founded in Oregon in 1960 and has been part of the Onex group of companies as majority owner since 2011. JELD-WEN regional works show regional door tradition, in many countries for more than 100 years. The entire Group generated more than €3.6 billion USD in sales in 2015 with around 22,000 employees.

SWING - The new door movement

SWING detail

The world of living will change in the coming decades, with the individualization of lifestyles at the forefront, which in concrete terms means that function, design and comfort will merge. A successful design of the future manifests itself in the fact that furnishings must be flexible and versatile, and always one step ahead of the present: "For the door, this means that it is much more than a room divider, it gives expression to individual living styles and can score points on the one hand through simple elegance, modern, expressive style or even understatement. The door as a movable element in all facets is the keyword thereby. At JELD-WEN Austria, we have been dealing with this topic for several years and can therefore already offer the first future-oriented solutions to this!" says DI (FH) Franz Böhm, Product Development Design at DANA.
For JELD-WEN this trend direction means a confirmation of the philosophy: "The products must be at the last state of the art, have a universal design and bring beside the high design requirement also an immaterial additional use. DANAmotion was the first development in this direction, with smartClose we go here still another step further, SWING completes this approach and offers a genuine advancement in things comfort. so DI (FH) Georg Himmelstoß finally. With SWING, DANA introduces a completely new door mobility: similar to a swing door, it can be opened in both directions, reaching into both adjoining rooms, but requiring significantly less space than a normal door leaf. "We are thus creating a need among our customers. SWING means an evolutionary approach, an intelligent way of opening doors, created in more than a year of development work!" explains DI (FH) Franz Böhm. The main advantages are that the SWING is space-saving, intuitive to use, barrier-free and, above all, representative, SWING attracts attention!

"In the area of housing and living, the demographic changes of recent years are clearly being felt", explains DI (FH) Franz Böhm, Product Development Design, ". In concrete terms, it means that investments in housing are still made at an older age, and that for this target group - the so-called young elderly - quality, function and comfort are particularly important!" In this context, SWING is the optimal solution and meets ergonomic conditions. " We see from this development that you can also surprise people with a door. It is often the seemingly simple solutions that cause great astonishment. In fact, SWING not only meets all the rational requirements for a door, above all it emotionalizes, it becomes an inspiring element in the house!"DI (FH) Himmelstoß is also convinced.

DANA novelties and innovations 2016

New finishes: Country oak silver, knotty oak silver, knotty larch bronze.
The new surfaces of DANA doors are based on the diversity of nature. Silver knotty oak, bronze knotty larch and silver country oak are extensions of the Struktura and Monolog lines. Country oak also refines new as an inlay, veneer doors or doors of the model series Charisma. For even more variety in living.

Glass doors GT Cosmic and GT Deli

All-glass doors: New Cosmic and Deli designs
Thanks to modern laser technology, these all-glass doors really "have it": the unique motifs are burned into the glass - providing a smooth, easy-care surface on both sides. Among many other models, the new, dynamic GT-Cosmic and GT-Deli designs ensure light-flooded rooms.

DANA shell handle Intouch

The new opening: Planofix Nice & Intouch

The Planofix design lever handles convince with an almost flush rosette look. The patented system, which can be installed without tools, is available exclusively from DANA. New are Planofix lever handle Nice in full variants and push handle Nice in full variant, with black, white or veneer inlay. Another innovation makes opening the door a very special experience: the Intouch shell handle is also integrated almost flush into the door leaf to match the Planofix lever handles and impresses with its matt stainless steel surface - matching all solid doors. This shell handle is the only one that can be combined with the magnetic latch lock.


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