Austrian Anadi Bank AG, the most mobile bank in Austria, is taking another leap forward with its new communications presence, which was developed by Reichl und Partner. In the campaign, a tiger is placed at the customer's side - as a symbol of strength, speed, safety and flexibility. At the same time, the new Anadi Tiger establishes the link to the British-Indian owner.  

"The strong bank at your side" is the motto, as Austrian Anadi Bank offers its customers easy-to-use digital services, a mobile advisory team and 10 branches in selected metropolitan areas. As a house bank for medium-sized companies and as a product specialist for companies in the import and export sector, it provides unique access to the growth market of India.

In order to push Austrian Anadi Bank's presence throughout Austria, the focus will be strongly on online services. Fittingly, Austrian Anadi Bank's new claim is "The bank of the future. Since 1896". This bridges the gap between tradition and experience on the one hand and expertise in mobile and digital banking on the other.


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