CEO Cook presented Apple Music, iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 in San Francisco.

At the start of its 26th developer conference WWDC in San Francisco, Apple made people sit up and take notice with a few innovations. In addition to the new iPhone and iPad operating system iOS9 and the next OSX update El Capitan, CEO Tim Cook also unveiled the streaming service Apple Music. With this, the Cupertino-based company wants to open nothing less than "a new chapter" in the music business. Apple Music will consist of, among other things, the Beats 1 radio station, which will broadcast live around the clock every day from New York, Los Angeles and London. In addition to music, it will be brought interviews, news, cultural news and guest presenters. Playlists - to be selected by people rather than algorithms - and music videos will also be part of the streaming service.

The Connect feature is designed to give artists the ability to connect with fans. Musicians can post new tracks, photos or lyrics here. "Online music has become a complicated mess of apps, services and websites. Apple Music brings together the best features to create an experience that all music lovers will appreciate," said music producer Jimmy Iovine. Apple Music will launch in over 100 countries before the end of June. The prerequisite is the update to iOS 8.4. For iTunes on Mac and Windows, the service will launch in the fall. The platform will also be available for Android.

Consideration for data protection concerns

The new mobile operating system iOS9 is supposed to act smarter than its predecessors. The search function finds new content such as Netflix movies or start times of sporting events. Apple also wants to allay privacy concerns. According to the company, all data is not stored with third-party providers and is not linked to the user's own Apple ID. Besides new features, iOS 9 is also supposed to bring more battery life - one hour more on the iPhone 6 with average use.

With WatchOS 2, Apple also presented a new operating system for the Apple Watch. It will include native apps for the smartwatch and will have numerous new features and watch faces for users. A new feature called Timetravel displays information such as appointments or the weather for the upcoming or past 72 hours when the crown is turned. With Siri voice recognition software, the Apple Watch can be used to control devices that support Homekit. As an example, Vice President Kevin Lynch cited the ability to dim lights with a voice command to Siri.