Reichl und Partner designs brand identity for 7lytix

7LYTIX has the innovative answer to the question: How can I turn Big Data into purchases? And automatically! Highly complex algorithms coupled with many years of trading expertise make it possible. The result is something to be proud of - in more ways than one:

7LYTIX delivers accurate forecasts and easy-to-understand recommendations for action for your business. For this purpose, data from all possible available sources are evaluated, interpreted and converted into concrete proposals for measures. Customer requirements can be anticipated, stock levels accurately forecast and processes optimized in advance.

The brand identity that Reichl und Partner designed for the new start-up company is also impressive. The brand claim "Success is predictable" already promises what the product will deliver. The logo was created in such a way that it is simultaneously part of the visual world and also functions as a short code. And the online presence was jointly designed to make it quick and easy to find one's way around a complicated subject.

Michael Piber, Managing Director of Reichl und Partner Werbeagentur: "The potential that lies dormant in the wealth of available data is enormous. Unfortunately, it is still lying fallow in many companies or is only used inadequately. 7LYTIX can capitalize on trade data in a user-friendly way. A competitive advantage that should not be missed."