Talent Story

UI/UX Design, Marlene

“Be brave and trust in yourself!”

You think you and your ideas are not good enough? No master and no good idea have just fallen from the sky. Get involved, give yourself time, develop yourself, learn, be brave and trust in yourself!

Hi! I’m Marlene and I’ve been working as a UX/UI designer at REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital for 2 years now. Before that, I completed my bachelor’s degree at Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences in the Communication, Knowledge, Media program. During my two years at RUP, I added a part-time Master’s degree in Human-Centered Computing. My job as a designer is to package concepts and ideas for eCommerce, platforms, marketplaces and corporate websites into designs while providing a great user experience.

What are you responsible for?

My job as a UX/UI designer is to use creativity and ideation techniques such as design thinking to generate concepts and ideas, optimize them and generate a design from them. Figma is my best friend <3. We design with our own design system and follow the Atomic Design approach. This is how we work out elements, styles and components step by step. Another essential part of my work is extensive research: What are the trends right now? How can we optimize our internal design system? What is state-of-the-art right now? How can we solve this or that challenge?

What does a typical working day look like for you?

After a cup of coffee and a check of my mails, I know which to-dos are pending for the day and I can start with my tasks. The design process of large eCommerce projects or platforms can take several weeks or months. In our iterative process, there is frequent internal coordination within the UX/UI team, where we discuss and optimize our ideas and approaches. Of course, customers are also involved in this process. This allows us to realize ideas step by step into a design that is constantly analyzed, revised and optimized. Thus, much of my day consists of focused, creative work time, but coordination and research are also a part of it.

What opportunities does your employer offer for career starters and young talent?

REICHLUNDPARTNER attaches great importance to the team and their goals and supports each employee in numerous further and advanced training courses. So I was also encouraged during my master’s degree and started as a junior designer and developed over the last two years. As a part-time student employee, I was not relegated to simple mundane tasks, but was equally involved in exciting and extensive projects. In the process, I have constantly encountered consideration, accommodation and flexibility for learning-intensive phases.

What do you think makes your employer unique?

What makes REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital unique is a very familiar working atmosphere and a cool young-at-heart team. There is definitely no shortage of fun at work. And the tasks, projects and customers are extremely exciting, varied and interesting.

What did you learn for the future at this employer?

In addition to the professional development, I have gained self-confidence and self-assurance in myself and my work. I have learned to deal with challenging situations and know there is always a solution, often “out of the box”. Dare to think a bit bigger and further!

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