Talent Story

Bernd, Account Manager

What exactly are you responsible for in this job?

One of my core responsibilities as a Customer Advisor & Project Manager is to provide customer support and manage customer issues after a project launch. The primary goal here is to create customer satisfaction and provide a listening ear and support. Good project management within our team is also necessary to meet customer requirements.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

The day starts with our Daily Stand-Up meeting, so that our team can share and inform each other about planned tasks, work progress or possible difficulties. After that, the work begins, which – to give just a brief insight into the varied and exciting tasks – consists of advising clients, planning budgets and deadlines, developing online strategies and concepts, presenting ideas to clients and representing the agency. Other tasks include the testing of implemented functions from the development, the holding of training courses for the editors of the customers, and much more.

What opportunities does your employer offer for career starters and young talent?

REICHLUNDPARTNER attaches great importance to further training and the agency offers great opportunities for personal and professional development with its training budget, flexitime model and a fixed home office day.

What’s the first thing you do when you come into work?

Greet the team and have a coffee.

What tip would you like to give to other young talents?

Listen to advice, but make your own experience.

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