Support since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria & Greece

Initial situation

Plant-based nutrition as a superpower against the climate crisis

Eat4Change is an international project co-funded by the EU that aims to inspire European youth in particular for sustainable nutrition. WWF Austria, as one of 13 partners in this project, entrusted us with the task of adapting and implementing an already existing creative concept from Finland for Austria. The focus was on linking the individual decision for a more plant-based diet with the pop culture idea of superheroes who do good with superpowers and save the world.


The power of photorealistic illustrations

Instead of the originally tendered and envisaged realization in a photo studio, we opted for an illustration in hyperrealistic photo style. In this way, the characters as well as the different dishes could be chosen very precisely and even replaced without further ado (for the Greek market, for example, Mediterranean spaghetti is shown instead of spinach dumplings).


Accurate targeting

Based on our detailed briefing on the types we wanted and the foods we wanted to depict, we collaborated with illustrator Tom Krieger to create three superheroes in a look inspired by Marvel special effects. They get their energy from the meatless dishes and at the same time ignite their power to save the world. The final subjects were implemented in the style of movie posters with headlines in illuminated lettering and are used on 8-sheet posters, city lights in print and of course, digitally.