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  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
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Distribution area of the campaign: international

Initial situation

Germ free shopping cart

TROLLEY WASH Services GmbH, based in Schwaz in Tyrol, is one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality and efficient disinfection cleaning of shopping carts. TROLLEY WASH finally puts an end to dirt, germs and bacteria on shopping carts!

The background to this was the fact that microbiologists discovered in the course of tests that normal shopping carts often harbor more germs than public toilets. And especially in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are demanding clean, sanitary shopping carts. The solution: TROLLEY WASH, a stationary or mobile cleaning system that cleans all shopping carts in a top hygienic and environmentally friendly manner.

  • Plakat Trolley Wash


Hi! I am Reiner

REICHLUNDPARTNER developed a comprehensive communication concept for TROLLEY WASH, with REINER – the likeable, spotlessly clean shopping cart – at its center as a high-impact key visual. The top priority in the start-up phase is to raise awareness among both retail companies and end consumers. REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations supports the campaign with numerous press measures, including a market agent survey and a new press kit.


Multifaceted realization

In addition to a completely new corporate design and various printed materials, the team of REICHLUNDPARTNER realized the TROLLEY WASH branding for the truck of the mobile plant as well as for the stationary plant, B2B folders as well as the website at – each in German and in English.