Support since 2010 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • SMC Social Media Communications

Distribution area of the campaign: Upper Austria

Initial situation

Upper Austria elects a new state parliament

The Upper Austrian state election was held on September 26, 2021. What is the right political choice is up to each person – but the right choice in terms of information is undoubtedly the number 1 among Upper Austria’s daily newspapers: the OÖNachrichten. In order to support Upper Austrians in forming their opinions, the leading medium launched a short-subscription campaign, the advertising for which REICHLUNDPARTNER was allowed to design.



We choose Upper Austria

REICHLUNDPARTNER decided on a wording that immediately gets to the point: “We choose Upper Austria”. On the one hand, this refers to the election of the provincial government; on the other hand, it could also refer to the choice of OÖNachrichten as the preferred daily newspapers. The latter is suggested by the election cross pictured directly below the headline next to an Upper Austrian news newspaper roll. The subjects show Upper Austrian landscapes, cities and readers of OÖNachrichten as well as the reference to the subscription offer. Since OÖNachrichten is characterized by profound research and objective reporting, it was not far-fetched for REICHLUNDPARTNER to choose the campaign claim “The first choice, because I want to have my say”, which can be seen on various subjects.


On- and offline advertising media

The short subscription offer can be seen on advertising media such as ads, banners, posters, city lights and also on social media (incl. GIPHYs), which also reaches young and first-time voters.