Support from 2013 to 2014 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency

Distribution area of the campaign: international

Initial situation

Launch of a new paper machine

Mondi, one of the world’s leading paper manufacturing companies, launches an innovative paper machine – the PM 7 – and entrusts REICHLUNDPARTNER with the launch campaign.


Innovative product, innovative strategy

We are promoting a machine that creates many new opportunities for potential customers. In short: a machine that has a lot to tell. But how do you make a paper machine talk?


A supporting role

We have turned the machine into a likeable character that carries the various messages, but above all wears his heart on his sleeve – our Rolly!

Furthermore, three icons were created that perfectly match Rolly and communicate the USPs of the PM7 in an easily understandable way. The machine offers clear advantages for paper and packaging solutions – for example, the paper produced consists of a unique combination of brilliant printing and strength properties.

Advertising material

A teaser campaign and a launch campaign were created to promote the PM7 extensively. At the beginning, Rolly kept a very low profile, but we gradually elicited more information about the launch of the PM7. The launch was duly celebrated with an event, for which advertising materials were also designed.


A website programmed and designed by REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital made people want to discover the new paper machine even before the launch. In this teaser phase, the excitement was increased by means of a counter on the homepage and a competition. Tickets for rock ‘n’ roll concerts were raffled off. The second stage of the website provided comprehensive information on the PM7 and its performance.