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Initial situation

More than just coffee milk

Maresi was founded in 1949 and is one of Austria’s leading brand owners. However, when most people think of Maresi, they only think of the coffee milk of the same name. Yet Maresi stands for so much more! With great passion, many other brands are manufactured and distributed. A new CI and a new communication idea are to show that Maresi is the home of many great brands.


Many brands under one roof

The various own and partner brands cover different categories such as breakfast, snacking, ethno food, basic food and convenience or kids, sports and lifestyle. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: every single brand is worked on with great passion, as if it were the only one. That’s why we don’t put Maresi as an umbrella over the brands like the big branded companies do, but underneath.


Diversity is in the foreground

The Maresi company subordinates itself by constantly adapting the color, shape and typography of the logo to the brands. In this way, the dynamic logo brings brand diversity to life. In addition to the logo, a new CD manual incl. typography, corporate language and audio branding was created. New promotional materials include print subjects, image folders, standard print collateral, invoice form, shopping bag, PowerPoint master, new website design and text.