Supervision since 2020 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations

Distribution area of the brand: Austria

Initial situation

For a better world

Heat pump manufacturer KNV wants to change the world and make our planet a cleaner, better place. That is why the Upper Austrian company produces efficient energy systems that help reduce pollutant emissions and operate in a climate-friendly manner. In order to present itself and its innovative products accordingly, KNV needed a good positioning and an appealing appearance.

With a new claim towards the future:

One world.


The environment comes first

With KNV, you quickly get on the green track: The company is characterized not only by technical know-how, but also by a sense of responsibility towards the environment. To underline KNV’s future orientation, REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur created the claim “One World. One Vision”. The logo was given a modern typo and an additional element that – in keeping with heat pumps – is reminiscent of a degree sign. The selected yellow and green tones evoke associations with the sun and nature.

Since the topics of “renewable energies” and “climate protection” are of great public interest, REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations was keen to actively involve KNV in the public discourse and to communicate KNV’s important key messages and goals.


Comprehensive brand relaunch

KNV informed its employees and partner installers about the new appearance via mailings, which were prepared by REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising. The mailings referred to the website, which was redesigned by the digital and advertising unit. Company brochures, product data sheets and other advertising materials can be ordered in the specially created store. The brand relaunch also included an image film and a refurbishment campaign. To promote the campaign, REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising implemented a radio spot, an information folder, online campaigns as well as landing pages and pop-ups on the new website.

On the PR side, we presented KNV to the regional press and the trade media with a completely new, polished appearance at a joint kick-off press conference. We also regularly support KNV with additional press releases and PR texts.

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