Support since 2012 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Type of support: global communication

Initial situation

Actively shaping the future of flying

FACC has clearly defined a goal for itself: to actively shape the future of flying. Whether urban air mobility or large-capacity aircraft, this endeavor must be realized in a consistently sustainable manner – all also in terms of individual mobility.

In other words, for the future of aviation, it is necessary to reconcile people, the environment and technology. Our task was to creatively stage this sustainable thinking and action visually and in terms of content.


Tension field environment & progress from a bird’s eye view

Impressive landscape shots from a bird’s-eye view meet dynamic, pulsating city shots – symbolically depicting the tension between the environment or nature and progress.

In total, four areas are communicated: Sustainability, Human Resources, Technology and Investor Relations, which, with the exception of HR, are presented with such motifs. In the case of HR, the focus is again on people. In general, the viewer always sees everything from a bird’s eye view, or as if he were looking at everything from an airplane.


#Changing Perspectives

The shadow of an airplane or a futuristic air cab round off the imagery and create a visual reference to FACC. Clearly formulated lines and the hashtag #ChangingPerspectives underline the intention of the campaign and bring it clearly to the point.

What remains: eye-catching photo motifs that attract attention, and statements that invite reflection as well as action.