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  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations
  • SMC Social Media Communications

Distribution area of the 2015 campaign: Austria

Initial situation

Small deed, big change

With their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2015, the Estée Lauder Companies wanted people to take action: On the one hand, it was about going for regular check-ups, and on the other hand, people were supposed to leave postings under #BCAstrength. That’s because for every contribution, $25 went to breast cancer research – that’s half an hour of research time.


Reduction to the essentials

A positive image should be communicated in all advertising channels in as simple and reduced a manner as possible. It should also be clear that even a small action – an investigation or a posting – can turn a terrible fate into new hope and a “BREAST CANCER” into a “BEAT CANCER.”


A film that moves!

A 25-second TV and online spot, conceived and produced by REICHLUNDPARTNER with unpaid support from all involved, as well as a radio spot and web banner brought the campaign to the point. Music star Parov Stelar could be won for the project and arranged the film music.