Support from 2012 to 2015 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency
  • SMC Social Media Communications

Distribution area of the campaign: Germany

Initial situation

The time of usual bank campaigns is over.

“We make dreams come true!” – That’s what many banks have been promising us for years. Not DAB bank. Because new customer gains are only possible through counter-positioning. In short: You have to be different.


Anders Bank needed a cheeky and sympathetic mouthpiece.

An unusual presenter was required. Who offered to do it?
An animal character that suits the Anders Bank.
A hamster that hasn’t been running on the hamster wheel for a long time.
A hamster that is simply different.

In addition, an authentic and credible counter-positioning gave DAB bank new meaning, more than that: We even gave the 3 letters D – A – B a new meaning – Die Anders Bank. (The bank that is different.)


Ads that seem typical only at first glance? Exactly!

Based on elements of the DAB bank logo and with a strong wording concept, the new positioning is made clear: So-called twist headlines start like a headline of any other bank and end like one of DAB bank: Different.

TV and online spots

Get out of the hamster wheel and become a DAB bank customer.

In the spirit of counter-positioning, our charismatic presenter explains the extraordinary nature of Anders Bank in various TV spots. In doing so, the hamster uses charming wordplay to highlight the subtle differences that customers benefit from compared to other banks.


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A very direct mailing.

The “Direkt Anlage Bank” also remains cheeky and direct when addressing customers – and entices potential customers with hamster bonuses and starting credit.