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Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

The Austrian Mint, headquartered in Vienna, is known worldwide for its first-class processing of precious metals and the production of coins.

As a global player, the company belongs to the world’s elite of mints. In addition to its main task – the production of circulation coins for the Republic of Austria – the Mint also delivers to numerous countries around the world.


The Mint’s old online store was already implemented with eZ Publish, but it was technologically outdated. Above all, the inflexible content maintenance and the high expenses for functional extensions were major reasons for the upgrade project. Due to the already existing know-how, the online store should be upgraded to a new eZ version. The task was to bring the store up to the state of the art in terms of appearance, technology and functionality, while at the same time implementing further functional enhancements. The focus of all goals and efforts was on the users and their needs.


For the greatest possible flexibility with a uniform appearance, REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing developed a set of content sections that can be combined and rearranged as desired. Right from the start, attention was paid to suitability for the later Responsive Design as well as to the requirements regarding accessibility. To ensure a smooth flow of data without duplicates in master data management, numerous interfaces were implemented between the Mint’s internal ERP and CRM systems and the CMS.