Especially for trade fairs, a successful trade fair appearance does not start with the tender for the trade fair construction and the design of the trade fair stand. As a communications agency experienced in this field, we recommend: first the brainwork with the development of a trade fair concept, then the implementation. So do a "headstand" so to speak.

Because, who prepares a founded fair concept in advance, wins a head start - both in the competition of the perception on the fair as well as afterwards by the further strengthening of the enterprise picture and/or the mark structure, if the visitors carry the coherent picture further in itself.

Function, form, emotion. An eye-catching trade fair concept calls for targeted creativity and ideas. For a successful appearance the 3 factors, function, form and emotion, must be closely intertwined:

1. function: Here there are two simple basic considerations that must not be neglected in any planning.

2nd form: There is no second chance for the first impression. Nowhere else are so many similar vendors gathered in one hall and embassy recipients overwhelmed by so many impressions as when they visit a trade show. The biggest challenge is to stand out in the competition for attention. Only: the appearance must fit the company or the brand. An experienced communication agency finds the right way and supports beginning with the finding of a focused fair slogan. Because this is where the right communication starts. Many other factors - including brand messaging, booth architecture, materials and colors - contribute to a successful trade show appearance.

3. emotion: the positive atmosphere of a trade fair stand, the good feeling visitors have when entering a stand, should not be underestimated and is often unconsciously transferred to the perception of the company. This includes a form and material concept that harmonizes function and atmosphere with the brand.

Or to put it simply: everything must be coherent, because the first overall impression is decisive.


Experts can make a big difference here. With a coordinated trade fair concept, you can save detours and costs, as well as contribute to sustainable success. There is only one thing they cannot do: replace personal contact. A warm welcome, a smile, a handshake when greeting a booth guest are and remain incredibly important.


Below you will find a small selection of our reference projects:



Whether large stand as here, or few m2:  not only the "what", especially the "how" of the presentation is important.



Brand and appearance in harmony. An eye-catcher scores in the competition of perception!



An impressive trade show portal for a leading international door manufacturer.


MESSENg BoEhler Welding

Unity in diversity: Three product brands under one corporate umbrella.