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More than an advertising agency.

Are you looking for a holistically structured Austrian advertising agency that is a really good fit for you? An agency that covers all areas of marketing communications? Or would you prefer to work with one or more smaller specialty agencies? Here you go, with REICHLUNDPARTNER you configure your ideal agency.

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REICHLUNDPARTNER – The Customized Agency

The right advertising agency for you

We always find the perfect team for you, whatever you are looking for — advertising agency, creative agency, digital agency, media agency, public relations agency, social media agency, live experience agency or an inspiring task force to develop new business models. Configure your agency to maximize its benefits for you.

Highly trained teams simply perform better

Our passion: creativity and innovation

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialists and generalists who master the positioning of brands and the conceptualization of communication strategies with excellence, develop high-quality content and brand-building design, and support companies of all types during the age of digital transformation. We have a high level of expertise in both B2B and B2C communication.

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An advertising agency – and more

An inspiring driving force

We think holistically and work proactively, which makes us an inspiring driving force for our clients when it comes to brand positioning, developing creative strategies, corporate design, traditional or digital advertising campaigns, holistic media strategies, websites, web platforms, e-commerce, social media, public relations or event marketing.

Employer branding and corporate culture

Building an employer brand

Employer branding is the strategic positioning of the business brand in the labor market. A process of identity creation and organizational development. An increasingly important factor for the sustainable, positive development of the company’s human capital. Design your employer branding process with REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking.

The new way of thinking: circular economy and sustainability

Reduce, refuse, repair, recycle

Whereas in the past companies strove to produce more and more, the conditions of our environment make it necessary to shift into reverse gear on the marketing side. Reduce, refuse, repair, recycle — these are the fundamentals of a sustainable economy. We aim to support companies in this area together with professors from Stanford University and graduates from the University of St. Gallen. This is new territory for many advertising agencies, but generally speaking a very important topic that we are keen to address. To this end, we have also established our own think tank as part of REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking.

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Business model innovation

Development of new business models

We live in a world of great change and upheaval, with most of the disruption taking place in technology, the environment, the economy and society. New opportunities are emerging. Innovative business models are winning out over traditional brands. REICHLUNDPARTNER Future Thinking is the ideal sparring partner for business model innovation for both start-ups and experienced companies.

Our customer structure is diverse

Regardless of whether you are a multinational corporation, a hidden champion or a young start-up, for us the task alone is what counts.

Over the past three decades, we have built up valuable experience in many different industries in the B2C and B2B sectors. Every single customer benefits from this expertise.

The Austrian Advertising Agency

We are big enough to carry out complex tasks, yet small enough to provide a personalized service to our clients.

At the core, we always wish to remain a small, very competent, personally managed advertising agency that works in close proximity to clients and their needs. That is why our agency has offices in Linz, Vienna and Graz. There is no doubt that our efficiency, our proximity to the customer and our holistic way of thinking are very well received. The REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency is developing sustainably – both quantitatively and qualitatively – as shown, for example, by the international awards we have recently won.

Medianet Xpert Awards 2020, 2021, 2022

Our highest distinction is satisfied customers

From a long-term client perspective, REICHLUNDPARTNER is the unchallenged No. 1 among Austrian advertising agencies when it comes to creativity, innovation, advisory skills and expertise. This is confirmed by the customer surveys conducted by Medianet trade magazine in 2020, 2021 and 2022. What is more, the agency was the first advertising agency in Austria to receive the Excellence Award for exemplary management in 2019.

What we are proud of.


Effie 2004

Silber | Projekt: Marionnaud


Effie 2007

Bronze | Projekt: Intersport Eybl

Facts & Figures

Cannes Lions

REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency: first creative agency in Austria to win a “Cannes Lion” for Austria in 2015.

Creative expertise

REICHLUNDPARTNER: best advertising agency in Austria from the client perspective in terms of creativity, innovation, advisory skills and expertise. (Medianet Xpert Awards 2022)

Digital expertise

REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital: third-best digital agency in Austria from the client perspective in terms of content creation, innovation and strategy. (Medianet Xpert Awards 2022)

Media expertise

REICHLUNDPARTNER Media: best media agency in Austria from the client perspective in terms of content creation, innovation and strategy. (Medianet Xpert Awards 2022)

Social expertise

SMC Social Media Communications: best dialog agency in Austria from the client perspective in terms of creativity, innovation, advisory skills and expertise. (Medianet Xpert Awards 2021 and 2022)

Globally networked

The REICHLUNDPARTNER Group with offices in Vienna, Linz and Graz is networked with over 100 agencies worldwide.

In addition, we have our own branches in Munich, Zurich and Zagreb.

134.6 million in creative billing

REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency: Austria’s third-best advertising agency from the client perspective, with billing of 134.6 million euros in gross spending.
(Rank 7 according to Focus Ranking 2023)

123.5 million in media billing

REICHLUNDPARTNER Media: second-best media agency in Austria from the client perspective, with billing of 123.5 million euros in gross spending. (Rank 11 according to Focus Ranking 2023)


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