New district “Das Grazl

Apartments, whether for rent or purchase, are either high-end and expensive or in need of renovation and inexpensive. But how do you market a property that doesn’t fit into either category, but is high quality and low priced? How to market a property that is about 50% cheaper than comparables? You think this can only be simple? At second glance, one realizes that the hard coin of the credibility of the messages, or the sender, in the hard market of real estate marketing is essential here. A must that is constantly lived by both the client and the agency in order to be perceived by media representatives not only competently but also credibly.

REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations has been supporting the real estate specialist Silver Living and sales partner ÖKO-Wohnbau for many years – as it is doing now with the residential construction project “Das Grazl” at Plabutscherstraße 63-67 in Graz, a rare combination of high-quality and affordable construction. A total of 159 rental apartments will be built on the former commercial sites. The forecast placement volume is approx. 58 million euros. The expected net main rent is a sensational 4.78 euros incl. 0,53 Euro maintenance and improvement contribution per m 2. The very favorable purchase prices and low rents are made possible by an intelligent mix consisting of the subsidy model of comprehensive refurbishment to expand the existing building stock as well as the use of the builder-owner model. Homebuyers generate a cost savings of around 50% through this combination of benefits.

The aim of communicating with journalists about “Das Grazl” is to make the complex topics of the subsidy and builder-owner model and the associated cost savings clearly comprehensible. Mainly personal journalist interviews are used for this purpose. In the age of digitization and information overload, journalists’ conversations continue to have a high value in communication and will not lose it. In other words, public relations will continue to be largely determined by relationship management – especially in the age of fake news.

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