Why it pays to invest in outstanding user experience.

Matthias Reichl, Digital Strategist at REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital, in a guest commentary:

Creating outstanding digital Experiences made for human Needs.

We aim to create outstanding, digital user experiences that are tailored to the individual by understanding real customer needs and thus generating added value for the website visitor. Actually "eh klar" - or not?

The return on investment of good customer experience

Many companies often wonder why they should invest in an outstanding user experience. The answer is simple: it increases customer satisfaction, creates high loyalty and thus a real competitive advantage in the market.

80 % of companies are convinced that they already offer their customers an excellent user experience. How many customers see it the same way? The answer: 8 %.

(Source: The Forrester Digital UX Review, The Digital Customer Experience Improvement Playbook (2017))

 This distorted perception can be expressed very well in provable figures:

Success is no coincidence. Success is measurable.

So, you can already see that not only good, but excellent UX design pays off. The beauty of the digital world is, above all, its measurability. In eCommerce and digital marketing, nothing is left to chance. We can collect many parameters that confirm or refute our assumptions. This enables us to measure the performance of digital advertising measures and flexibly control the budget used, for example. In addition, KPIs show us how good the user experience is and we can constantly optimize it. If you too would like to improve your digital ROI, we look forward to hearing from you at: