Finally virus and germ free shopping carts

What are your concerns about the hygienic use of shopping carts? A recent Marketagent survey has shown: Especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly disgusted by used shopping carts. The solution: the TROLLEY WASH cleaning system, which puts an end to dirt, viruses and germs on shopping carts. Because with certified disinfection cleaning, it guarantees hygiene standards as high as those at the operating table! REICHLUNDPARTNER has been involved in the launch of the mobile cleaning station for several years - and REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur and REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations are also supporting the launch of TROLLEY WASH Station.

Trolley Wash1

The focus of the extensive communication concept is still REINER, the likeable, spotlessly clean shopping cart that guarantees the purest shopping pleasure. For the stationary TROLLEY WASH cleaning system there is now a brand new folder in German and English, advertisements and roll-ups. The branding of the station also comes from REICHLUNDPARTNER. Extensive press measures accompany the launch - from the above-mentioned survey to the new press kit.


Trolley Wash 2

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