Reichl and partner DADAT change the bank

Reichl und Partner is pleased to be in charge of the launch of the new online bank DADAT and will start a broad campaign including TV spots, print ads, interactive citylights, online banners and much more at the beginning of April. The website was created by Reichl und Partner eMarketing.

We are positioning DADAT as a bank that does not present itself in the way one is used to in this sector and differentiate ourselves from the competition with a thoroughly unseen world: the central element of the campaign is state of the art illustrations in a banknote look, portraying archetypal customers from the different areas such as banking, savings and trading, and meeting crisp, honest headlines that get to the heart of things.

The headlines use eye-catching wording that invites spreading because it is borrowed from , communicates our assets, and also prominently places the bank's name on all advertising materials. In this sense: I DADAT change the bank!

Link to the company: