PROVID - Innovative silicone masks from Upper Austria


  NEXUS Elastomer Systems GmbH is a global full-range supplier of systems for LSR part production (injection molding with liquid silicone) and a technology leader in control, regulation and process technology from Eberstalzell. A start-up that has become an established player and has responded creatively and flexibly to the current situation. Together with a partner, the company has developed innovative silicone masks, which are also produced at the Eberstalzell site - and were launched by REICHLUNDPARTNER in a rush.

Highest quality standards and sustainability are the focus in the production of the protective masks made of medically approved silicone. They score high on wearing comfort and thanks to the replaceable filter, they are reusable. Optimal protection against viruses and bacteria included. Simply the perfect alternative to the usual fabric masks. Quality that gives the wearer security. 

The speed with which PROVID was developed and brought to market was also impressive. REICHLUNDPARTNER developed the appropriate communication just as quickly and precisely, because in addition to naming, packaging and sales documents, the web shop was also designed and   was conceived and converted. THE POWER OF WE, which calculates with REICHLUNDPARTNER.

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